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The Airplane Boys - Scarborough Kids Lyrics

The Airplane Boys – Scarborough Kids Lyrics

[Verse 1 – Bon Voyage & Beck Motley] Young kings dream, young kings dream, what the fuck you mean?
You ain’t heard about me, and my got damn team
You see the places we go, they shout our names there.
It ain’t fair yeah, I hear that
‘Cus you stuck with your bottled problems, don’t mean you gotta feel that, though
Maybe you just celebrate,
(Yeah) celebrate with your peoples
Boy that pussy gon’ get away (Yeah)
That bitch gon’ leave you
Fill your mind with that last quote, invest in self with your time
‘Cus that girl you fucking gon’ roll wit us, when you out here in waiting line
Two letters B-M, Beau Monde, Beck Mötley
Know the movement, know the king, jealousy?
Can’t stop me
Adios, arriverdeci, vamonos, Young Ali
K-O, okay, ombré, you ain’t no body
Even if I make it, they’ll tell me that, “I knew it”
Even if I fall, they’ll me that, I blew it
Double the standard, I guess I’ll just prove it
Write the cheque, pay respect, I keep it moving losers
You ain’t even doin’ what we doin’ on a different level never would you mention
Hence then, offended? you would think we wave the white flags over here but we back with with a vengeance

[Hook – Bon Voyage & Beck Motley] It’s about god damn time
’bout to blow you motherfuckers minds
And they gon’ try to block my shine
Already see them coming from behind, but I’m
But we ain’t even worried
We ain’t even worried

[Verse 2 – Bon Voyage & Beck Motley] You can’t say We don’t belong here, so Bon Voyage to that old shit
They won’t need you if you fall, so fuck em all with no focus
We ain’t even got manners, damn sure don’t need no help
Funny how everybody wanna come out woodwork with motive for self
I ain’t going back where I was, y’all niggas average as fuck
The convo is different with us, it’s simple
Make it or make it, sit back nigga now watch where we take it
Above beyond expectations
We don’t see on levels face it
This for all my problems ever
Sayonara salutations//
All around the globe, hotels and house keeping
My fam back home struggles to keep the house
Pressure to survive and the pressure to provide makes sacrifices, make faith versus doubt
Now, this is what I’m about it
When I land home I’ll bring certain amounts
This is what I’ll earn just to feed all the mouths
Buy a new house and I’m moving em’ out
Minimum wage makes maximum rage
And the Nine to Five, I don’t think that way
Rubber band stacks on a big display
Told my mom I’ll be a millionaire, probably someday (Yay?)
Celebrations, let me chase all my dreams like I chase all my shots
If I got a shot at it then ill chase in a race in a dream where i come out on top Watch

[Hook] [Bridge – Beck Motley] All em haters thinking we heading on the decline
I kick my feet up laughing as I feel the recline
This fame is heavy but we ready, ‘finna be mine
But patiently I’m waiting man, I say in due time
Due time, do tell

[Verse 3 – Bon Voyage & Beck Motley] What I gotta do just prove to myself? what I gotta do cus I’m losing self?
‘Cus I won’t falter, swear to the alter, rise from the ash and the holy water
Swimming, thinking, How am I to live?
Forgive, myself, and everything I stand for, stand for
Thankful, land or sink?
All for the art, we on the brink
Of something special, let go, let go
Watch us fly, dreams and ambitions, flow like tides
Men on a mission, this is all we know
This that vision, listen, giving everything we have
Chase til’ we bleed
Scarborough kids, shot to the moon
Watch what we do, watch us succeed


[Lyrics to Scarborough Kids by The Airplane Boys]

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