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The Boys After - Matter Over Mind Lyrics

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The Boys After – Matter Over Mind Lyrics

I haven’t slept since sunday,
With every thought,
I want to scream,
And I never saw it coming,
The separation of our lives,

And I wish you could see the inside,
Of my head,
It’s filled with dread,
While I am learning to control it,
It’s matter over mind,
And I want to feel alive tonight,

I wanna feel alive,

I won’t sleep tonight,
Knowing that I’ll never get it right,
This is our love lost,
And I can feel me slowly breaking down,
I just want to feel the ground,

So let me know if you remember,
The distances,
We trekked as if we were not giving up,

For every time you think,
Look in the mirror and watch your heart sink,
And I could never say these things,
Watch as our hearts collide,

I only see you for what you are,
And what you were to me,
And it is nothing close to what it used to be,
There’s nothing left for you and me,
There’s nothing left for you and me,

Wish I could make believe,
This never happened,
And you didn’t leave,
Wish I could make believe,
Things didn’t fall apart,

This isn’t my fault,
It doesn’t matter,
I can’t feel anything at all,
And when you ask me,
If I feel better,
I can’t feel anything,

I can’t feel anything,

[Lyrics to Matter Over Mind by The Boys After]

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