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The Boys After - Bitter&Broken Lyrics

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The Boys After – Bitter&Broken Lyrics

I wish that you could see,
Everything that I saw for you and me,
No turning back now,

Everything felt perfect,
Through glassy eyes it all seemed worth it,
So did I deserve this?
A bitter, broken heart to live with,

I stopped to wonder why,
You let go of my hand that night,

And, I know I will,
Still try to put forth the effort,
To move past what I remember,
Teach me, how can I forget her?

Stuck in the back of my mind,
I want to leave you behind,

I’m just the person that you left with all your burdens,

Tell me something that I don’t already know,
Cause you’re just so eager,
Eager to let go,

Like you do all the time,
Leave and I don’t know why,
But your ghost follows me everywhere,
And the reason that you left was so unfair,

So do you miss me now, like I missed you then?
And how can you say,
That we should just be friends?

While I can hardly get any sleep at night,
You make believe that everything’s alright,

Am I the person that you left with all your burdens?
Cause it feels like it’s eating me alive,

Does it feel strange when you’re layin on his bed?
Like nothing’s changed?
As he kisses your forehead,
And don’t you ever tell me that you know,
Exactly how it feels,
Because I would’ve given everything up for you,
And now I never want to see your face again,

[Lyrics to Bitter&Broken by The Boys After]

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