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The Dollyrots - First World Anarchist Lyrics

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The Dollyrots – First World Anarchist Lyrics

Screw your rules
I’m not your tool
I’m a First World Anarchist
Stupid signs
I’ll cross those lines
I’m a First World Anarchist

If your door says push
Then I’m pulling
So don’t try to tell me
What to do
I’m a First World Anarchist
10 items or less
Ring up 11
Like a First World Anarchist
No shirt no shoes
Gimme service
Society you’re so oppressive
I fight back against the system
Took my tag
Off my mattress
I’m a First World Anarchist
White pants look great
After labor day
On a First World Anarchist
I drink my wine
From a beer stein
I wear my shades
In the night time
I wash my face
With body wash
My lyrics don’t rhyme
Society you’re so oppressive
Come join me and fight the system

Screw your rules
We’re not your tools
We’re First World Anarchists
We don’t follow signs
We’re crossing lines
We’re First World Anarchists
Nah na na na na na nah

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