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The Dreyfus Affair - Hypocriseizure Lyrics

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The Dreyfus Affair – Hypocriseizure Lyrics

No, I won’t give in to these lies
Looking like a fool, I can’t stop this curse
Why do I do this
Why can’t I ignore it

Catastrophe is all I see
All I do, and all I breathe
Why can’t I fix this
Why can’t I make it end

Accusations all-around me
Can you feel the prodding in your eye
It’s tearing you apart
Can you even see past this blame
Turning your vision into darkness
Now where shall we start?

Maybe this time it starts with me
Breaking everything, I can’t make amends
What am I chasing
What will I become

I am Impaired
I admit defeat

[Lyrics to Hypocriseizure by The Dreyfus Affair]

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