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The Foxery - Broken Vessels Lyrics

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The Foxery – Broken Vessels Lyrics

Everyday the same.
(Six years spent polishing the brass on a sinking ship.)
And it was all in vein.
(I should have spent it learning how to swim.)
I climbed and climbed, just to find that
When I got to what I thought was the top.
It was just the foot to a taller mountain.

Tortured mind. Bottled up inside like a scent.
I tried to keep you alive.
But you pulled away with the force of a thousand winds.
When it’s time, it’s time.

Broken vessels. A page unturned.
Broken vessels. Unspoken words.

The river rose in the ceaseless rain.
The frantic potter watched as his work washed away.
Then sat to ponder what his heart contained.

Some bottles hold notes, some hold boats,
And some hold liquid that gives us hope.
At least a false sense.
So you drug me to the desert knowing of my great thirst
And instead of a drink you spoke tenderly of your great love for me.
I tried to keep you alive.

Fruitless branches. Bitter wine.
Lips left dry.

Broken vessels. A page unturned.
Broken vessels. Unspoken…

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