The Incomparable Shakespeare - Supa Star Proceedings Lyrics

The Incomparable Shakespeare – Supa Star Proceedings Lyrics

Shakespeare was a man who wrote poetry
I’m a man who loves poetry
I mean why not compare yourself to the best?
It’s the only way that you

Honor the name and acknowledge the wisdom
You dudes are preschool, I’m in college edition
This is like a faller system call some guard on a ripper
So worship the urban legends for the boss and the spinning
This is not side religion talk, it’s back to business talk
I’m with flair signature flip and fall
Thinking they all give applause
Or leave the chat out it’s time to throw the trash out
It’s easy to leave anonymous comments from your glass house
Really I’m Michael Jordan, you’re Jerry Stackhouse
Who you’d rather have bin the back hood?
In the last quarter who you think’s gonna attack hood?
Crash cord for disasters even…
That I’m a black somebody give him task force
Dip the fire king, and the fine king
The safe proclaimed king and the cultured Messiah’s here
Doing it for cool hulk of flash for the pioneers
If you disagree I don’t care
I’m the star ….
In comprehend the fact that I’m a king and not a monarch
Now they wanna be down with something they not a part of
If you was a different then why bother?
Everybody hashtag invisible green
Change about to come this is a different mission
These are new rules and new school so open up your pupils
I’m here to improve upon everything you were used to
Hope I didn’t lose you cause my train of thought is new rules
And that was a double ensemble when I said pupils
How you go selling when everybody saying cuscus
And all you know is you 2 and shows like cutting bubu
I hate to be breaking down on laying these terms
I’m about to change the game like…
You’d better play attention to the….
Make the wrong choice and you’re down here backlash
See I’m heating up, y’all about to feel a bad raft
Take the chick y’all haters can kiss my black ass

Wrong scene, wrong scene
Wrong scene, wrong scene

I know what it is by now
Getting real comfortable man
Feel like I could flex my muscles a bit
But you know
Shout out to everybody that’s been supporting this movement
The look on this one for real
What up y’all?

[Lyrics to Supa Star Proceedings by The Incomparable Shakespeare]

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