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The Kid Daytona - The Classic Shit Lyrics (Feat. DJ Cut Killer)

The Kid Daytona – The Classic Shit Lyrics (Feat. DJ Cut Killer)

Cop killer
Straight from O2 premium C
No sleep 6-3 my legs stretched out
8s on my feet headed to Paris
Got a rich mimosa thinking life is but a dream
Cut a scene out any movie I’m living at
…just give’em that
Real feel it’s a done deal seal
At the trophy we both seem to get you what’s real
Yeah keep the …
Yeah believe in what I see
Never wonder why they told me…
Couple down 26 never penny bench
Niggers for the money they been Wendy dine
Cap a man fresh and I’m out like cress
High sex on a platter then I’m out cut the chat
Yeah, mic chat, 1-2, take a guess
Who’s back in the motherfucking house?
Daytona the one they talk about from 9 …
International weight get money to get laid
A honey from Morocco turn villas to barracks
I’m that nigger blessed f God like a possum
The illness you nigger s put it on the gram got as realness
I stepped in the shit
Let’s get lucky
Let’s get licked
41 flavors up in the VIP
The ice cream cone on a lick
Get 6 bottles take a sip
Them others MCs is like paper thin
Breaking the lead with the gram and the leaf
Mixed with hashish smoked out where are we?
Allow me to introduce you
Since I’ve been in the institute
Student on the game truly I remain
Same nigger …in my veins
Never change never will
I remember when the goal was to get a mill
I see niggers blow 3 in the juries
I know you thinking like who we know?
From drug dealers to philanthropist
Lamping out in the Hamptons
Trust fund babies growing up on some mansion
Journey through life you don’t know the half of it
Well when I kick stories always on some classic shit
Yeah Daytona
Cut Killer
Space Monkey
Yeah and we ain’t here
From Le Bronx to Paris
World wide international baby

[Lyrics to The Classic Shit by The Kid Daytona (Feat. DJ Cut Killer)]
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