theO - Eh Lyrics

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theO – Eh Lyrics

I bet you never knew,
You could make a hit,
In your living room,
I’m living proof,
Kidders live a lie,
While I’m living truth,
I had to go MIA,
From the basement AM,
Took me out to MIA,
I feel like I am ye,
Oh you from Canada you say eh?
Do you say eh?

Yeah but only in the alphabet before B,
I got respect for those that came before me,
But before may,
This was just a little foreplay,
So I sip this fortay,
And tell you that I’m sorry,
If it gets a little gory,
Killing instrumentals for the glory,
The shit was less congested back in those days,
But now theO well-read stopping traffic like a 4 way,
So I tightened my cape,
And then I made a project that stuck,
Now thats a duct tape, I must say,
I knew that my time was coming,
Fuck the time it did take,
Now they got their bids placed,
While I got my bib placed,
Eating what’s on his plate,
And the guy beside him,
Couple extra tunes so I had to B side them,
All I really got are these songs,
And besides them?
Girls that hit bongs in their thongs,
And I don’t mind them,
But back to you..

Your come up was a mistake,
I can tell your eyes are prolly misty,
And I’m a sure lock it’s no mystery,
And yeah I love the new drake,
But sometimes I miss tre,
He helped me get some dimes a little frisky,
You know a little riske,
What’d I do this when I’m 20 for?
So I’ll be 24 with 24 up in my wrist’s K,
And walk around the citay,
Women every which way,
On their phone trying to click play,
Up on this name,

[Lyrics to Eh by theO]

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