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The Oh Hellos - Bitter Water Lyrics

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The Oh Hellos – Bitter Water Lyrics

Oh fair and flighty love
My aerolite above
The only dove I see
Could you love me more
If by the sun and moon I swore
That I would never flee?

I still taste you on my lips
Lovely bitter water
The terrible fire of old regret is honey on my tongue
I know I shouldn’t love you
But I do

I feel it in my soul
I feel the empty hole
The cup that can’t be filled
I feel it in my blood
In the fire and the flood
The beast that can’t be killed

Even now you mark my steps
Lovely bitter water
All the days of our delights are poison in my veins
I know I shouldn’t love you
I know

I am not a fool entire
No, I know what is coming
You’ll bury me beneath the trees I climbed
When I was a child
I know I shouldn’t love you
But I do

[Lyrics to Bitter Water by The Oh Hellos]

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