The Outside - When Leaders Fall Lyrics

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The Outside – When Leaders Fall Lyrics

Troops grab their rifles, shout: eager to serve
Fighting the dictator for our cause is just
God, goods and guns, a plan to deceive
Nothing compares to our exported beliefs

Statues, parades of a failed state
Guided, entangled, a bloodpath paved
Torn to pieces of meat, they laugh
Jesus saves but blackened the striped banner waves

We make leaders fall
Our duty, our mission, we fight
Truth to democracy’s right
When leaders fall

Bombs first then sending in thousands of men
Comrades dropping lifeless, but the place is cleansed
Torn to pieces of meat
Coalition of will, this new alliance found to kill

We make leaders fall
Our duty, our mission, we fight
God-given democracy’s right
Your leader falls
Another puppet on a shard-spiked wall
Stench-proof bags for the bodies and lies

Your people starve
The stage’s been set
For when the next leader falls

[Lyrics to When Leaders Fall by The Outside]

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Artist The Outside Lyrics
Album"Dawn of the Deaf" (2014)

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The Outside - When Leaders Fall Lyrics

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