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The Polish Ambassador - Wait For the One That's Special Lyrics (Feat. Sean Haefeli)

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The Polish Ambassador – Wait For the One That’s Special Lyrics (Feat. Sean Haefeli)

All these questions going,
Keep on spinning me around
I came to party,
Come and show me how the lost get found

Drop it to the floor,
How you shake it fast
Got game all day,
Give your whip some lash

‘Bout each move you make,
I feel how we gon’ give some take
Know you’ll set me straight,
’cause every time we celebrate

Precious, live this life,
Dream that perfect circle
No precision on it,
I’m just trying to clear them hurdles

Why make some kind of promise,
Truth we know we both can’t keep
If we could just be honest,
Make that bitter sweet

We’ve time explore each other,
Won’t you come and go my way
We travel miles deeper than this stream of words I play

You give that good-good feeling,
I live with no regret
With what we make together,
I can see no self to check

Some may see for beauty,
Some may feel for love
Wait for the one that’s special,
Some just trying to cut

[Lyrics to Wait For the One That’s Special by The Polish Ambassador (Feat. Sean Haefeli)]
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