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The Tambourine Girls - The End of Time Lyrics

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The Tambourine Girls – The End of Time Lyrics

To paradise they march on feet so heavy with disdain
In blazing sun they rest upon a dream of drenching rain
No one could think, too hard of who it is they have to blame
An orphan could but could not tell his mother

All over town they dance and drown in lemon and in lime
And sing of pretty excess without reasoning or rhyme
And blame the years, they've lost upon the spinning wheel of time
I'm hungry can I have some food my brother

And I know that ancient stories were just dying to be told
They must be the sounds that echo only never to get old
So beside you in the morning sun I rest my weary mind
And wait until the evening's light brings back the end of time

Edwardian thoughts of no import when riding high in cars
As Tapas eating nymphs proclaim in sentimental bars
A stranger world, could not begin beneath the distant stars
And neither will you find a better lover

Every hour every minute it can chase them all away
There where everything stands still there is a place where we can play
So I linger through the afternoon while drinking from your vine
And wait until the evening's light brings back the end of time

My friends can tell they know too well how losers are designed
They sit around in circles talking shapes of the same kind
And blissfully, they yield and see to what they are resigned
And happily they live for ever after

The wheels have always been around but don't ask me to make them spin
Cause I don't believe that I could be made just to live in sin
I know that you are afraid but I will see you down the line
Right now I'm alive and it's the end of time

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