The Weather Station - Seemed True Lyrics

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The Weather Station – Seemed True Lyrics

It seemed true – and it was too.
I expect to be fooled, to be won over by no-one.
Oh, but when I was won – I was not fooled.

Maybe it’s a little soon, he moved in on the weekend.
Was it the way he tied his shoes?
The careful way he placed them in my hallway,
I saw it all change, or it’s just the same, the same as it’s always been.
I’ve always known better,
I’m never taken in.

Till I was taken in, glad not to know better,
to know the pleasure of being somewhere.
In your youth, you wanted to know only the truth.
And so, you were so confused how so much escaped you.
Left with so little, you felt like you’d been robbed,
I sat down beside you so lost.

You feel like love would not hold still for you –
the sun dropped and the evening brought a chill that you shivered through,
fall all you knew. You expect to be moved, to be shaken and shuddering.
Oh, but when you shook, you were not moved.
And I can’t do this for you if you won’t allow me to.

[Lyrics to Seemed True by The Weather Station]

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Artist The Weather Station Lyrics
Album"What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know" (2014)

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The Weather Station -  Seemed True Lyrics

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