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Three Legged Fox - We Are Electric Lyrics

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Three Legged Fox – We Are Electric Lyrics

So keep it simple now
And put your weapon down
Can we settle score?
We stood atop the world
But never solid ground
But I don’t wanna fight anymore

So take your perfect dreams
Held up to all the misery
And let it wash away
Stay like this instead
And we don’t gotta leave your bed
Stay like this for days

‘Cuz I’m not leaving if you don’t leave
I won’t go if you don’t go
And finally, it’s time we face the truth….

We are electric

It’s just us here again
You never had it better than
When you know it’s right
Say what you really mean
Make fire out of anything
Even in the darkest night

[Lyrics to We Are Electric by Three Legged Fox]

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