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Thurston Moore - Detonation Lyrics

Thurston Moore – Detonation Lyrics

Go slow, the city’s walking strikes
Strike a can, quick split, sabotage them
Pick a present, abstinent sheet is a record boycott
Because boy, know, you’re not them
Whistle blowing and blowing up again
I wrack you up for a Chelsea girl in
Let’s get going, so, so steady ism
Lead the falling path through mini orgasm
Mini orgasm

Scarlet, darling, sickle and hammer
Armed men playing, parading the lady
Every bad game, rocking and glamorous
Floating to pieces
Stealth news at it, revolution greasers
Investigation, whose conspiracy
Whose conspiracy
Game crashing seekers, find the truth
Just you wait
We maybe have to use a toy grenade

[Lyrics to Detonation by Thurston Moore]

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