Tim Be Told - Fools Marching Lyrics

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Tim Be Told – Fools Marching Lyrics

It took me a while to see the dream was all gone,
Like a fool I kept singing my song
I keep talk talk talking like nothing is wrong,
Just fool, carrying on
I tried to live it well,
But I can barely breathe as the devil he dared me to bend
Is to stay alive and keep our souls
From dying a desperate mans hope in the end?

See the suns gone we can’t see where we are,
Are we fools for marching through the dark?
And though the light’s gone we can’t be very far
Yes the fools are marching through the dark

I was young and strong, and then was weak and I fell
Like a fool I thought all would be well
I keep walk walk walking so that no one can tell
that my heartache is a prison cell
I tried to keep the faith, but it’s so hard to believe
As my doubts they conspire to the end
So I’m holding out, praying God would heal
It’s a desperate hope to defend

The wise man said give up your fight
That hope is for fools and he’s right
But I won’t give up, no I won’t give up

If we hold on, and though we carry scars,
God is with us marching through the dark
Turn the light on, and hope will bring us far,
Yes the fools are marching through the dark

So turn the light on, cuz home is not too far
God is with us marching through the dark

[Lyrics to Fools Marching by Tim Be Told]

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