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Tim Be Told - Rescue Me Lyrics

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Tim Be Told – Rescue Me Lyrics

Sights and sounds distract me from my purpose in this sad charade
So I beat the ground with leaps and bounds
If they can found then I’ll find a way, to be free evermore,
But still can be sure if I found what I’m looking for

But all I found was misery, it stole the ground from under me,
Now I always stand out, in a crowd of, love and victory
I was nothing, til you rescued me
I was nothing nothing nothing, til you rescued me

Tightly bound in a worldly fetters six feet down as I waste away
The preacher told me to pray, but I turned away, in beauty and pleasure I stored up my treasure,
All the riches a man never needs,
but the rich are still poor, and the wise still unsure, and I don’t know what I’m looking for

If I came like a beggar, you stood like a king,
and my black heart would tremble, and heaven would sing
You saved me, yes you saved , yes you saved me from my misery
You saved me, yes you saved, you’re erasing all my history

[Lyrics to Rescue Me by Tim Be Told]
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