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Tim Be Told - Your Love Is Bigger Lyrics

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Tim Be Told – Your Love Is Bigger Lyrics

Could a great God understand me, and would he heal me when I’m broken
I’ve heard that you can be demanding, but you will love us til we’re whole again
Cause I tried to be like you and I fell so far
But you died because you knew that I’d be saved by your scars
And if the devil points his angry stare, at all the idols I have kissed
Though my sins are many, they are more than I can list
Your love is bigger than this

Could a good God be commanding the world to fall apart around me?
Could it be grace that keeps me standing,
and a loving God who has a plan for everything?

’cause I’d die to be like you and I’ve come so far
And I’ll walk close beside you please never let me stray too far
And they could burn me at the stake or stone me til I break, but the darkness will not win
And though the devil, may remind me of my sin,
Your love is bigger than him
Your love is bigger than the ocean

Though I am still here breaking, you will love me til I’m whole again
Your love is bigger than the ocean

No depth below me, no power above is bigger than your love (is bigger than your love)
No pain no sorrow under the sun, is bigger than your love, (is bigger than your love)

[Lyrics to Your Love Is Bigger by Tim Be Told]
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