Tim Be Told - Lock The Door Lyrics

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Tim Be Told – Lock The Door Lyrics

I’m past the point of no return
I’m taking what’s left and letting it burn
I gave you love that you never earned, and you never will

You can’t even see I’m letting you go
I will be gone before you will know
I tried to wait for our love to grow, but it never will

So I’ll lock the door and hide the keys, you won’t feel my love again
I won’t take you back, if you were on your knees, anyway you would never beg

You told me you loved me with tears in your eyes, but even tears can turn into lies
You said your love, would never die, and it never will
And so you started slipping away, you said it’d get better if I could just wait
I tried my best but it was just too late, and it always will

I’ll keep my heart locked in this room, board up the windows and seal up the tomb
These cracks in my walls, I’m scared they will fall too soon, ‘cause I want you still

So I’ll lock the door, and hope that you find the keys, so I can feel your love again
Please take me back, look I am on my knees, though I was never one to beg

[Lyrics to Lock The Door by Tim Be Told]

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Artist Tim Be Told Lyrics
Album"Mighty Sound" (2013)

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Tim Be Told - Lock The Door Lyrics

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