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Toby Singer - Lovers Lyrics

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Toby Singer – Lovers Lyrics

If I erased the bad memories would you try?
Buy the cheap knock-offs of other people’s lives
Youth opens us, in lieu of violent end
You gotta look up, before it falls apart and starts again

Won’t lose our souls

Break it down before there’s nothing left
This is a song for the fall and we’re all bereft
A song for our friends, maybe lovers in the past
Does it really matter, as long as the feeling lasts?

Won’t lose our souls

You and I stayed all night just to see it end
The mirror traps us all, this winter killed our fall
But we’ll get through it, we’ll get through it my friend

You’re still my friend, there’s nothing else I can say
This is a song for the fall, but I’ll sing it anyway
Try to see that I’m not in my head
And what’s the alternative, just give up instead?

Won’t lose our souls

[Lyrics to Lovers by Toby Singer]
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