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Tom Villalón - Sextant Lyrics

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Tom Villalón – Sextant Lyrics

The mind will never understand the eyes that it’s trapped in
Perfectly measures like an ocean through a sextant
I am searching deeper in the water love
Screaming from your riverbed, sinking through your ribcage

What will remain of us, love?
Survive with me when the dream has
Faded into the next one, love
Rising from the birch trees

You kid your heart you kid yourself, with logic you lost it
You struggled to convince yourself like a promise to a hostage
I lost you in the tempest of temperature and temperament
Full throated singing this is where our love went
I can feel the distance screaming in the new age
Throw away your sextant, this ship is sailing blindly

[Lyrics to Sextant by Tom Villalón]
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