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Trophy Eyes - Penfold State Forest Lyrics

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Trophy Eyes – Penfold State Forest Lyrics

Staring at a blue lined page,
Trying to find the answers in ink.
What would I ever leave behind,
If I was to die today?

I’m strong enough to say,
That I have plenty of regrets,
And maybe I will never change,
My whole life will be a waste.
What did I do with the years,
Now that I’m pushing 23.

And I still can’t tell the difference,
between the right and the wrong thing.
How did I get so fucking good,
At hurting everyone I love?
Is that all I’ll be remembered for?
I’m tired of writing sad songs,
But that’s all that I have left.
‘Cause it’s the things that I reflect on,

That make me who I am.
It happened again,
Restless in my sleep.
You woke me from a dream,
To say I’m not like my old man.
And maybe that’s what I’m so cared of,
That I’ll be no different.
I’ll bring someone in to this life,
And leave a scar they won’t forget.
I ran my thumb over the faces in,
My old class photo.
We were so innocent back then,
If only I had known.

All those smiles staring back at me,
Where the fuck did they all go?
What I would do for a clear conscience again,
To swallow the lump that’s in my throat.
And the first time we drove past,
Penfold State Forest,
I felt the weight of another life,
Leave my back finally.
The scar they won’t forget.

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