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Tyrone Briggs - #Cold Lyrics

Tyrone Briggs – #Cold Lyrics

Young and putting work, hear it in my verses
Shutting down the circus, clowns just seeing your curtains
Niggas lack so much skill they got these labels hurting
The way they putting scrubs unto work you would think that they was nurses
Dudes ain’t doing nada, dudes ain’t doing nada
Don’t do shots, I don’t divide that, treat your rasta like Pearl Harbor
Got the whole burrow in the zone with me, whole damn city in the zone with me
Feel with Chris in the zone with me, take a lot of commission with no Diddy
All about the Benzies and nothing else but the mula
And anyway if you get in my way I’ll remove you
Break boats and flex every line, can’t have a nigga that’s cooler
I’m so ahead of my time, I could probably reminisce ’bout my future
Growing up all I did was rep, what was left, niggas and women, they all but clowns
Make sure everyone that passed on us ’cause I’m looking up and it all falls down
Honestly, possibly, had this shit, no walk in key
No longer called the underdog unless your bitch on top of me
Savage, y’all became so garbage, hypnotize, I’m big enough
To speed and float through your lean backwards
So it’s mark, ready, set it, go, put on those who neglected, no
Probably get it now but the house is built
But I’m outside, everything is simple, cold

Bottle cold
Yeah, dude let it up so I gotta hit it up
Bottle cold
Yeah, dude let it up so I gotta hit it up

It’s like I’m carrying garbage
Sick of who don’t know the difference between rappers and artists
If I’mma get it then know I’mma stack it regardless
Do what I do out here coming from the city with a bigger who out here
Coming from the city where they say it’s bruised out here
Got so many plastics I blues out here
So I’m proving that all that I’m doing be the same reason that dudes are still doing
Be the same reason that everyone’s doing the same thing as me, they don’t wanna be losing
If you make music then make it, my nigga, don’t be like them losers that’s making you chose it
While you be talking about all your problems you could be making up all the solutions
So what is you doing? Serving or ruling? You the recruiter you do the recruiting
Now you became doing the moving when niggas you hate with the dudes you were cruising
So you gotta watch this, crowd this, get it, got it
Me and my niggas be saddled first’we living hell on earth
We gangsters, hustlers, pranksters, busters, snitches, pimping
Got no time for this job, critics, bloggers, bitches, dramas, pledges
Has-beens, ’cause this ain’t rhyme, nigga, this my life
What you expect to do when you get to school ‘
Put on for your fam and break the cycle with that shit you know
Did it myself, ain’t shit I owe, ain’t nothing to a nigga, been this cold

Bottle cold
Yeah, dude let it up so I gotta hit it up
Bottle cold
Yeah, dude let it up so I gotta hit it up

[Lyrics to Cold by Tyrone Briggs]
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