Tyrone Briggs - #Spartacus Lyrics

Tyrone Briggs – #Spartacus Lyrics

Hold up, wait for it, watch me get my cake on it
I came from the bottom
Mom and dad had a hustle for a…
Those kids kick my ass off
For the money they spent
Everything that I went to I tried
Never got no shots
Cause got warmer the bench
To the look the way I go hard
Go hard with the hand in a…
The way that I set micro fire
You’ll think Pepsi endorsed it
Of course I put up for my city
Show the world that I’m devoted
And return the other body
Than the second that I’m …
Kill my ride!
Guess that these niggers wanna keep me in the hood
Came for afar never showed love
But a nigger get fake with a…
Smoke that! Smoke that!
Put you in a V
Why they looking for police?
Hold that! Hold that!
I ain’t gotta say, Shorty tell me who her boo?
And a real dude, that’s a…
We talk…we talk megacity
And they seem to be part of this
And these beats is reaching
Talk is real, feeding my hands
All in they neck
Either they put it
That’s only respect
Kicked to the curve, show me no grudge
And to my way
That’s the way they suspect
A promise put on for myself
Indeed I’m a promise
They know I’m a threat for this music
Trying to go…for this new shit
Do whatever they said I cook it
Trying to show’em that their new shit’s bullshit
It’s fresh are MIE go shit
Show’em how a brother form the east coast get
Paying my dues came out of the blues

I’m kicking for the bottom
They always think that I’m on
But the city won’t appreciate nothing
Until I made it and gone
How could you appreciate Jesus
If you was raised on…
Could you appreciate Jordan
If you was raised on Lebron
We ain’t two different coaches
Different towns though
I was ready to the heaven who got on?
Nigger…die and my time’s on
You can’t ask a better lie when my time’s on
My soul’s pretty…to carry this boat
You call the game
Imma carry the torch
My call’s irrelevant
Feel like it’s heaven sent
Guess I gotta show’em how to spin
And nobody gonna touch it when I twisty it
In a competition like a rabbit
I chew them all away
Napkin how I wind shit up
Ain’t nobody learn how to spit like us
We ain’t getting what they trying to change to the game
Till I came and the door can’t spend another roar
Was a waste nigger, eat my…
Ride with a nigger to a site in the lobby
He ain’t fucking with a tie nigger now
Imma go get the park
No, but the kid gonna pop that trunk
Come on, get scared like a blunt

[Lyrics to #Spartacus by Tyrone Briggs]

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Tyrone Briggs - #Spartacus Lyrics

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