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Unwoman - Flowering Vines Lyrics

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Unwoman – Flowering Vines Lyrics

We take another turn
On piss-stained marble floors
Outside the world burns
The empire runs its course

Yet here we are safe
In long-abandoned halls
We only have to wait
Until the morning calls

But will dawn come?
Will we see it?
Has the Earth stopped turning
Or is the air just full of soot?

There are flowering vines
Winding their way around our hearts
If we stand still
Have we run out of time?
Time is the one thing we can’t make
But we can kill

Dancing our only revolution
Drinking our best solution

There is dust here and danger and fear of discovery
Trust among strangers protecting some mystery
If we are are the saviors please tell me what we’re saving
Lost in the labors of simply misbehaving

Yes we have killed the cops in our heads, but what’s next?
We’re free or we’re trapped, what does it matter if we’re dead?

Flowering vines, winding their way around our hearts
We’ll run out out of time, if we continue to play our parts

Yes we have killed the cops in our heads, but what’s next?
We’re perfectly free, but what have we left our children?

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