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Unwoman - In Pinks and Golds Lyrics

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Unwoman – In Pinks and Golds Lyrics

My many admirers bring me flowers
But I spend my nights alone
They promise me diamond rings
I prefer to wear rhinestones

It’s your light on my face
Your carefully chosen hues
You know the stories behind my words
You know me far beyond my cues

But the loneliest place is on this pedestal
All these eyes upon me, and I just want you

Limn me in pinks and golds and reds
The colors of the flowers they send
Bathe me in the softest warmth
In this secret duet we perform

I don’t need any more roses or rings
But I need the stage like I air
I lament the distance
But you and I both need me here

Are you just a beacon, or are you home?
If you only asked me, I would go and come

All the wants and shoulds and maybes
Of my idiot heart are not what you want to hear
Can you bear it one more time
Illuminate the longing I feel

[Lyrics to In Pinks and Golds by Unwoman]

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