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Unwoman - Lullaby Lyrics

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Unwoman – Lullaby Lyrics

I can hear your voice whenever I want to
But it’s not the same as when we were alone
That night in the second bed they bought you
Because you were the star and I was the girl backstage

And you would sing to me
The song that would have been a lullaby, a lullaby
Till fingers to my mouth
They reached in and pulled out such a sigh

I can see your face whenever I want to, on glossy paper
But once I really saw your eyes
Through the windows of the windows of your soul
Then all the oracles, they warned me not to prophesize

So I went on a simple quest
And there was no where I wanted yes
But it was such a joy to know I have known you

Better better better than they do

Yes once you sang to me
The song that would have been a lullaby, a lullaby
But when it’s at your fingertips
You don’t have to try

[Lyrics to Lullaby by Unwoman]

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