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Unwoman - The Sirens of Titan Lyrics

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Unwoman – The Sirens of Titan Lyrics

It’s not that you loved too much
It’s that love alone is not enough
I didn’t set out to break your heart
I wonder, why did I follow this far?

We ate and drank the very finest
Walked in gardens and sunned by the sea
Scaled walls, danced till covered with sweat
Found rapture in each other’s bodies and yet
I can’t wait to be far away
I can’t wait to drop this façade
The joke that I would want to tend to yet another lost boy

Was I simply doing as I was told
Loving you because you were around
Once I was lured by the promise
Your eyes across the distance
Still photographs of statues

You cry of the sky falling
And the wolves at your heels
You beg for comfort I can’t give
I myself am desperate to be loved
I can’t wait to be held, but not like this

I asked you to tell me
When you said you were reading it
What you thought of the ending
But you never did
What’s the point of even talking
If we never dive in deep
Why have I entered your orbit
If I cannot land safely

[Lyrics to The Sirens of Titan by Unwoman]

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