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Verbal Kent - Raponomics Lyrics

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Verbal Kent – Raponomics Lyrics

Hey yo you
1 Must be on crack think you must be on Dan level
Dan never back down, Dan never back peddle
2 Dan never pack metal..however Dan Pack a
line that’s in line with a nine milla -uh-
3 -you all talk when you rap, like Masta Killa-
– I hang with rabbis burn and learn from the Megillah
4 my notebooks are holy works of art, studied by the
Up and coming- I make money drumming with bars it’s
5 over with: knockout and rock out with cock out
A Verse send a surge that could box out Ibaka
6 how come you out number me yet the out come is
Me on the balcony you gettin tossed from
7 lip sink the video …psycho babble I’m boss at scrabble your vocabulary is spaghettios
8 rap with ability: clap if you feelin I,
Laps longer than your flow.
Drownin’ in it kill a guy

yer lame fruit cake raps, shutcher
face and take notes and watch the Jew make stacks –
5 -then invest and watch the Jew make back, only
Down side they do take tax:

1 Fearin Danimals the right reaction
Word to Hannibal
My spirit animals a bearded cannibal
-lets invest and make loot back,
Ain’t feelin me? Well too bad..
My Raponomics

Time to
1 sit back and kick back your feet on a ottoman
Empire ottoman: horrible as sodom and
2 Gomorra n, horrible at rappin’ when you rap, on the bottom n in fact, your rotten a seniora in a
3 man body Dan el land the ka ra tae, with no
Hands get from out my way, pray to Allah offer
4 him a dollop of my Alize, down the hatchet:
Iron lung, you a Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher :
5 hard to catch up, curve balls and sliders at the catcher-
-Wild pitches inches from your jugular to getchya
6 out the box- in a caprice but this is not the cops
no Mirandas- leave you stranded in pajamas in the
7 PJs, a lil somen’ special for my Dj
– big once bigger than a pigs lunch
8 slimmer than a pigs hunch: yer instincts lack, role reversal
Priest sittin’ on a lil kids lap

[Lyrics to Raponomics by Verbal Kent]

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