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Versa - Wanderlust Lyrics

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Versa – Wanderlust Lyrics

Maybe my solitude would be better spent with you
But I’m stuck in wanderlust, far from any permanence
If you can’t keep up, I’ll go alone
I don’t mind the pain. It keeps me strong

Like a dream disappears
Just a memory
I’m already gone
You’re a blessing and a curse
Just a memory

Lost in deja vu and the dreams I have of you
But I’m still so curious
Can’t commit or get serious
I don’t expect you to understand at all –
why I always run and won’t settle

Like a dream disappears
Just a memory
I’m already gone
Out of sight
Out of mind
Just a memory

When I get back, you can hold me
Just promise that you’ll let go of me
You know that I’ll leave you lonely
Nowhere to go, everywhere to be

Cause I don’t belong to anyone
Can’t make me stay
I’m already gone

If it’s not love

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