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Vesperia - Forsaken Shores Lyrics

Vesperia – Forsaken Shores Lyrics

The skies deepened in hue
And the Earth spun familiar views.
Our ships took up
Age-old sands of shores we once knew.

Unlike fabrics of a dream
Told ’round hearthfires’ bare.
The scenes before us will rot our thoughts
Until the bitter end.

Hollowed armor dashed and wronged
Long wait undone.

Grief took it’s hold
As the skies threw forth ash
Our ancestral home
Razed to dust.
A cry upon the wind
As our anguish rooted deep.
Upon their bones with scores of tears
We raise our keep.

Hollowed armor dashed and wronged
Long wait undone.
The blood of our kin outspread;
Long swallowed by the sun.

[Lyrics to Forsaken Shores by Vesperia]
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