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Vesperia - With Omens of Sorrow Lyrics

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Vesperia – With Omens of Sorrow Lyrics

Unearthing My sorrows buried in time,
A passion long-lost as arrows to skies
Beneath wind-hewn heights of wisdoms age-old.
Quenching the flames so all might be cold

Within stone walls a cry shall resound
From all I’ve felled this world has bound
Footsteps form echoes in the halls of my kings,
Delivered to silence as their sorrows sing.

Feast you upon and succour the drink,
Dash spirits strong, may the tides rise and sink.
From lives well lived and worries of none,
Ready your arms, for I am undone.

A river of life drawn forth from a fool
In tides of torment no master could rule.
I ready for dawn and have taken my hold
For the feeding of flames all shall behold.

From the skies we have fallen
Fettered hand to heel in bronzen coils.
The tremors of awakened pasts regain
So one might break these chains.

The old forest once knew me by name
But the ways of old now wait in the past.
Take up your steel once again.
Once more into the fray.

[Lyrics to With Omens of Sorrow by Vesperia]

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