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Viarritz - Trippin' Lyrics

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Viarritz – Trippin’ Lyrics

(Verse 1)
If I genuinely looked back to it
I think that you and I would have ruined
If we never waited and related influenced
Your kiss on my lips – how’s that for first movement?
I forget what I’m doin’
Whenever I’m boosin’, then I just start losin’
Track of everything, sense of time, anything I’ve said
Then I’m waking up naked, and you’re next to me in bed
Whoa x2
How did we get where we are?
I don’t know
Did we take this shit too far?
Maybe so
I never would’ve had shame about it
You said that you’re worried things’ll change, but I doubt it
I didn’t mean to cause any miscommunication, but lately I’m afraid of what’s sprouted
‘Cause it’s like sometimes,
I feel like I know you, really, really know you
And I’m feelin’ it
But then sometimes
I don’t even know who’s sitting next to me,
Like it’s just your silhouette
I’m stuck in this loop, and I don’t know why
I keep tellin’ myself that it’s from those eyes
You play it so coy, but I know you like
The way you’ve got my hands and my tongue tied

I know you’ve been burned before, baby, ’cause lately I’ve been there
You’ve got what I’m yearning for, but quite frankly, I’m impaired
Drunk off of your lust (x2)
Drunk off of your-
Ma, you got me trippin’ (x2)

(Verse 2)
See, the funny thing is that I knew exactly what this was, but
My mind ignored all the signs because that’s just what it does
I’ll fumble, trip and tumble; I try to be humble, but I can only afford to do for so much
I’m layin’ on the floor ’cause I can’t hold my own, but I refuse to be usin’ no crutch
Foot on the clutch, ma, you can drive me wherever you want to go
I’ll fasten for the passenger; ambassador a massacre because you are killin’ me slow
If it’s not true, I don’t want to know
The agony is not worth what I owe
I’ll catch that pussy whenever you want to throw
And I promise that I know how to reap what I sew
Baby, I’m about to blow, bet
you couldn’t see my belt because you’re hitting me below it
Skin radiance – baby, it’s glowin’
Was blinded from the jump, but now I’m just frozen
Tokin’ the air that you let me breathe
No cliche’, don’t set me free
I think a girl like you is what’s best for me
And I can’t wait for what I have yet to see,


[Lyrics to Trippin’ by Viarritz]

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