Vic Spencer - A Blog Write-Up Lyrics

Vic Spencer – A Blog Write-Up Lyrics

Vic Spenser
Know what I mean?
F*cking crazy
None of these niggas wanna f*ck with us

Flip back on this lyrical rap shit
Knock you out, I don’t spill true nap shit
I’m with a chick drinking wine
I don’t even wanna fuck cause a beat on my mind
Leave a tip at the bar, not cash
Told the bartender that her breath was like ass
Now I gotta deal with booty rappers
It’s my duty to deal with all you fruity in the basket
Picnicing and shit, none these fake lyrics splitting yo’ ribs
The flow get watered, the beat get shattered
The flow is a part of the saying I had it
Welcome to the V.I. habitat
Grandma hope you got any in you, with yo’ battery ass
Talkin’ to cops, with your tattling ass
Dick blew out the fountain too fast,
You will be the laugh of the past
I got a whole different outlook
My own lane in the victim ass routbook
The other niggas driving with caution
The young niggas not God, or bosses
Old niggas run yur life
Payed to get raw, fights with that money off that night(?)
You don’t have to hear me function
You broke? You can’t pay for your highschool landing
Cry-baby ass niggas, I got a duffle of onions

[Lyrics to A Blog Write-Up by Vic Spencer]

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Vic Spencer - A Blog Write-Up Lyrics

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