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Village of Pharaohs - Gone Lyrics (Feat. JAYO)

Village of Pharaohs – Gone Lyrics (Feat. JAYO)

Living my life to the motions
In the circle it feels like a sloath in
Hoping for a better lifestyle
So my mind I got it a program
So I dove in, this to make it a change that people will notice
That I’m chosen to at least all the chase of my mental and focus
Now I’m broken so damn, all of the pain in this, hold in
Hold em to getting my doze in
It seems to be dope in, so I’m going to the knowing
Where reality is a cold deem, never slowly
Separated from the world but forever broke weed
I’m gone

This be the day and taking control on my faith
Putting them counters away
And not gonna save, throwin the key in the legs
You’ll probably can’t never relate
To a feel in this real, if I get and put in your face
Never did .. in my case, this isn’t my place
Can’t even look in my face, some feeling that feeling disgrace
I’m desolving and poppin and sippin that bottle
Let’s take any straight to the grave
I’m supposed to be stopping my family bottom
They shaking their hands to shame,
But I need to escape and take me away
From the .. every day ‘cause trappin’ I’m trappin the devil’s away
Cause I’m living my life in the fade and I’m gone

Yeah, we people may think about gift we never have snow
We never be thanks,
Because I seat back and laugh at the nigga,
Who smile in my face and told behind my back,
I’m gone, I’m gone, I’m trippin, I’m trippin
Stay out of my business like all of my ..
I’m f*cking my money too many .. so many religions
But where do I belong?
and I know I made a few mistakes but .. they bring me on
And I know my keys were every things
So love my chest to get on
Got my enemies with her with every .. and I’m .. in my zone
The tendance energy and depends on it,
Never pretend to be faking, I’m gone.

[Lyrics to Gone by Village of Pharaohs (Feat. JAYO)]
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