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Violet Knives - Sansei Lyrics

Violet Knives – Sansei Lyrics

I was born someplace that has no name
Their voiceless bodies walk the streets like ghosts around a grave
That’s where they’ll lay me down
A soldier’s heart bled out and given for a restless crown
I’ve never seen it, in all my years

I’ll tell you how it started then
Short and simple, wine and woman kept me on my back
You can join the fold, take up a shield, and fight
or with no country, die alone.
Now ten years forward…

Lo and behold my king betrayed me then
His sword in my side as I waved his banner high above my head
Oh brother don’t you cry
You’ve seen the worst in me and my black heart has justified much worse inside my mind

I’ll come back clean now

It’s all I’ve know, it’s all I’ve loved in my days
Her light came down, my heart is yours
She stayed

A cold I wish I’d never known
Take my body, lay our bodies in rows upon the grass,
and beneath the sun, become an animal,
take flight and try the course again
Hope for better

One day I’m going to climb the steps
You’ll wrap me in that lilac blanket and send me up your stairs
Won’t you cup your hands, and like a family, love me
Lift me up and light the path

[Lyrics to Sansei by Violet Knives]
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