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Volcano Choir - Tiderays Lyrics

Volcano Choir – Tiderays Lyrics

We wake up, soft denims on the floor.
Spent nights last, sleeping like two to four
We’re tall neither
And the full fever
And the dawn quakes
Haste back the seething den
Baby, this is not sin
Its nineteen ink-ings
One fresh inkling
On the hardened ice
You’re the ace right
And you would break down so gentle in my livery

Now you’ll let me in, passed the sediment
Ahh, ahh.
Now you’re leveling
Build up that benevolence

But you didn’t feel many
But you didn’t feel flame
What you didn’t find tonight
Won’t honor them
Don’t call me up again, you’re the bitch that never ends.

(Watch you) Cross the first black planet
(Watch you) Walk the plank, what’s this made?
Don’t call me up again
Build up this will never end

Just wait for the tiderays.
Race for the tiderays.

[Lyrics to Tiderays by Volcano Choir]

We also have a slightly different version here for the lyrics (thanks to Submitted by Matt Moares), you can review it if you wish and tell us which one is more accurate in the comments section or by using the correction button:

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  • SHKfan says:

    WHAT THE F*CK is Justin Vernon saying in the new Volcano Choir album? #Chokingonthebubbly?

  • Abe says:

    This song – much like the rest of the album – is brilliant musically, but my god are the lyrics meaningless drivel and poetically terrible. Btw, I think it’s “pass the cinnamon”

  • Matt Moares says:

    This an amazing song but I have to be honest… These lyrics (like on every other site for this song) are ridiculously inaccurate. As an example, he blatently says ‘race for the tiderays’ on the last line instead of ‘wait for the tiderays’ again. Also, I don’t know where you got ‘past the sand’ from! He clearly says ‘past the sediment’. Tbf though, I know Justin and the rest of the guys can often be hard to decipher and I think you’ve done a good job with the start of the song, there’s just some very big mistakes mid-way through and at the end. You should look in to it, Peace X

    • game_plan says:

      since you know the lyrics (or think you know), maybe you can send the corrections? Don’t you think we should all help before we start saying ‘this is bad’ ? We all like to get something without work, but we should also give..
      thank you

    • Matt Moares says:

      Now these lyrics I find are more accurate, though there are a couple of places that yours seem to be more accurate. I think if you just have a look at both, you can start putting together your own thoughts with more ideas.

      *useful tips and corrections*

      – This is my interpretation of the lyrics. They are mostly taken from the page I linked to you, plus a few of my own ideas and some are the same as you said. As I said though, I do think you generally did a good job because it’s a hard song to decipher (Y)

    • Sarge says:

      Thank you for the help Matt! We received your other comment too, we re-listened, used some of your corrections added some of our own. The song is indeed, hard to decipher, as you said.

      Some parts of the lyrics are still up for debate. With the help of more Volcano Choir fans, we will have the correct version of the lyrics.

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