Wampire - Wizard Staff Lyrics

Wampire – Wizard Staff Lyrics

We were searching so hard to find you
Among the foliage and plants
You were so hard to see, but I know

You were there just casting your shadows
A lonely spark in the breeze
Could only light up the trees, if you’re near

But maybe you were so hard to see
‘Cause you could hardly be
Just casting the shadows the way that you do

Or maybe
A lonely spark in the breeze
Is all this poor man needs
To pick up his spirits when he’s getting old
Oh yeah

Or maybe
The shadows fall on my soul
And wrap my mind’s eye with gold
And the magic is changing the way that I see

Or maybe
I’ll finally finish the deed
And plant this lonely seed
With my white hair just floating away in the breeze
And you’ll see
My magic casting a spell
On every poor man until
His pockets are full and his hunger is fed.

[Lyrics to Wizard Staff by Wampire]

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Artist Wampire Lyrics
Album"Bazaar" (2014)

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Wampire - Wizard Staff Lyrics

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