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Waxlimbs - Breathing Lyrics (Feat. Isabella Davis)

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Waxlimbs – Breathing Lyrics (Feat. Isabella Davis)

Sitting in the corner,
I hid and watched you shudder
Glass frame, thin to see through
I watched before we left you

The night I heard you laughing
Lines on your face cracking
No one hears the door slam,
Sullied by my rain hands

Caught lost
Sought lost
Cried because an old truth
Lies dormant in this living room

I think they heard you breathing

I thought I saw you smiling
Soft as moonlight peeling
I wish you heard me breathing too.

I swear I saw you breathing,
before they buried you
your skin blankets your body
Glass frame; thin to see through
And I left your room crying
You didn’t know my name
And when you forgot me
I couldn’t find my way.

[Lyrics to Breathing by Waxlimbs (Feat. Isabella Davis)]

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