We Are Human - New Scars, Old Habits Lyrics

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We Are Human – New Scars, Old Habits Lyrics

Always looking for a simple distraction
to reduce reality to a meager interaction.
Behind the cabinet door lies an opium den
to set loose the bugs from under the skin.
New scars from old habits; the anthem of an addict.

Seeks the garden of Eden just to spit on paradise.
Enslaved masochist denies himself life.
Evanescent revelation; needle punctures the skin.
Atrophying cognition; impetuous sin.
A cadaverous reflection staring back at you.
Necrotizing infection; flesh midnight blue.
Still nothing holds you back from pandering to your ego.
Every time you feel alive, you’re flying solo.

New scars, old habits.

You don’t belong here amid this wreckage.
Debris of what you used to be inside of this adulterated unhallowed realm.
Making amends with the self-disgust controlling you are
Searching inside to find your own voice keeping you alive.

[Lyrics to New Scars, Old Habits by We Are Human]

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We Are Human - New Scars, Old Habits Lyrics

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