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We Will Kill Again - Ambushed Lyrics

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We Will Kill Again – Ambushed Lyrics

Turn around I’m standing there
Look in my eyes, and fucking stare
I raise my hand high with a knife
And come down on your face to end your life

Ill rip the flesh from your fucking face
To show you’re a huge disgrace
I taste the blood from your fucking mouth
Before i fuck your brains out
And by the time I’m done
And by the time I cum
Hearing the sound of your head
Taking the bullet of my loaded gun

In the gaps between,
The sky and the ground,
We wait to see,
How we all found the light.
On the edge of space and time
On the edge of the earth.

Why can’t they see me,
For who I am?

Through these shattered memories,
Passing through our minds,
Revenge will always prevail
Till the end of time.

I wont give you a head start,
So run for your life,
So run for your life.

I will kill you
I will destroy you
I will fuck you
I will wreck you

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