We Will Kill Again - I'll Quit When I'm Dead Lyrics

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We Will Kill Again – I’ll Quit When I’m Dead Lyrics

I used to think I was different
But now I realize I’m wrong
There are people out there just like me
Surrounded by darkness and
Trapped in hell!

Fuck this place
But I need this place

Open up the gates of misery
Revealing tragic casualties
Witness eyes are bleeding blind,
Oh my god they’re bleeding blind!

I won’t give up
I will never
I will never die
(When you call my life a lie)
When you call my life a lie, now
Let me go
But never say good
Never say goodbye
I’m in your heart but never by your

Someone save me now
Before I hit the ground
Someone save me now
Before I hit the fucking ground!

Before I reach the end
There are some problems that are in my head
I’ve had a problem since those kids
Took their fists and beat in my chest
Ever since that day
I’ve always been searching for another way out
But I’m not strong enough to deal
With all of life itself

I’m not strong enough!

Give me the chance to prove to you
That I can make something of myself
It’s easier when you have nothing to lose
It’s harder when you know you need the help
I lose what I have
To someone that doesn’t deserve the fame
All we need is recognition
And we won’t live life in shame!

[Lyrics to I’ll Quit When I’m Dead by We Will Kill Again]

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Artist We Will Kill Again Lyrics
Album"Edge of the Earth" EP (2014)

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We Will Kill Again - I'll Quit When I'm Dead Lyrics

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