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While Heaven Wept - Soul In Permafrost Lyrics

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While Heaven Wept – Soul In Permafrost Lyrics

The highest of hope left impossible debts
Of darkness and pain and deeper regrets
Facing our future, a paradise lost
Interred my soul in permafrost
Motionless oceans cease
With barriers of stone
Scarred by algid winds
Through centuries blown
Through centuries blown

A distance that cannot be bridged
Where only the dead have ever voyaged
Where spirits entwine in holocaust
You buried my heart in permafrost

A solitary prison
Wrought from anguish and ice
Confining ravaged hearts
No hope can excise
No hope can excise
A prisoner of ice
The soul survivor
Of this wreckage
A shattered spirit
Far beyond salvage

[Lyrics to Soul In Permafrost by While Heaven Wept]

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