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Wil Akogu - M.V.P (Most Valuable Poet) Lyrics

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Wil Akogu – M.V.P (Most Valuable Poet) Lyrics

1st Verse:
“My minds on a different planet
Why does life have to be so demanding
To these rappers I feel like Andrew luck
I came up and took your spot and you lost when it matters most so that makes you peyton manning
I see em taking shots without a cannon
Mad cuz I’m black, smart and got talent
Check the bars …the flow.. everything is outstanding
The doors to success closed so I left em out standing
That’s how it goes my brotha welcome to real life
And If I’m winning what do these other niggas really feel like
They too worried about fucking hoes,
Wearing the freshest clothes,
While i’m still stressing bout the flow, this year I swear I’m bout to blow,
When I turn on the radio I hear the same shit,
My chain this, im famous…..shut up man I don’t care though,
My competition like fake people to give me dap and I don’t fuck with em so I leave em hanging like scarecrows,
Y’all are just a bunch of weirdos,
And I don’t want none of that, imma take my bars…& .my style and imma run with that,
but when you making moves, the money coming smooth win or lose these
Chris Johnson females gon be running back,
(I swear I see em running back….fuck ya’ll & fuck that)”

2nd Verse:
“I seen it all I came too far to fail,
I put my heart into this shit it ain’t too hard to tell,
I built it from the ground up I ain’t have shit,
See fake rappers blowing up I swear its tragic,
These niggas is average,
What a nigga gotta do just to gain respect,
They said I would amount to nothing thats the shit they gon regret,
Reminiscing, all you rappers had your shot but like a pregnant girls period man
I swear you niggas missed it, and imma take it nigga….
Pay attention this is more than rap,
Feel like these other niggas are blind to the fact,
Like brett favre in 08 I’m pulling away from the pack,
And to be something like these niggas is how to end up in the last,
And I ain’t lying when I tell you my flow cold as shit,
Cuz man i been through hell and yeah I froze that bitch,
They tell me shoot for the moon maybe you’ll land on the stars,
Fuck that I wanna be the first nigga to step foot out on mars,
I wanna do more than get my mom a crib and a car,
I’m taking golfswings at life & you rappers ain’t up to par,
Damn I swear I’ve come soo far….
And its time to open up your eyes and see the truth…. as you hear it,
And if the shoe fits my nigga then feel free to wear it
I swear the devil on my shoulder but I live in the scriptures,
I’m coming at your head I’m Chris Paul with the clippers,
I hear these rappers talking i know they envy me,
The whole team ball but there’s only one MVP & thats me!
( A young nigga thats me, …I swear that thats me…Ain’t never told no lie…
I swear i’m gon be fly…. till the day that I die, cuz thats me)”

© 2014 Wil Akogu

[Lyrics to M.V.P (Most Valuable Poet) by Wil Akogu]

Credit to @NOVA_OD

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