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Willie The Kid - Avalon Lyrics (Feat. Bronze Nazareth)

Willie The Kid – Avalon Lyrics (Feat. Bronze Nazareth & Roc Marciano)

A fallen soldier in Avalon
The hit mean it,
Trained in the shadow pond
Weighs deep, baptized in a shallow pond
A pond of cherries, chop it like salads
Couldn’t say salad, the bullet and the pallet
My chick bad laiyed black swan, grip a challice
Full of fine wine, full of flavored layered
Tradition values. Customs must grow apart
And let the world grow accustomed
Let ‘em think he won, see the truth that might crush ‘em
Flustered, I plant seeds, let the wings grow
Tryna send down my horns, a hand down, a warm welcome
I even helping feasts with my niggas belching
Two bitches from Belgium we never heard of
Belgian waffles who get awfully mistaken
Lawfully awedded to this paper that I’m making
Baking, I’m brave enough to be creating
But I act elate like a native
Tryna blend in with the caters
A bye bye to rules, fuck the latest
Trend, I just came for the apple lays(?)
Spend more time on the quarter shit
Self approvement, this money sword shit

Crowned prince, nigga
This shit’s beautiful

The watch is swiss, the rhymes, these are hieroglyphs
Glide from a cliff, it’s rare I fire and miss
I usually hit the bull’s iris
One shot, kill out the six-fifty hybrid
Sex magic, inspector Gadget jacket
Snatch cabbage out the cabinet
It’s orgasmic
A soft fabric rabbit
Assault weapon, a course lesson
Court in session, my aura’s florescent; orange
My origin is gorgeous
Whores around the sun orbit
Fellatio with fallen angels
The angles tell you put the hit on dangles
Got the game in a strangle, my three chains get tangled
Break bread at the table
Break down a quaalude, pick it up
Wooden jewelry niggas frontin’
You’re not conscious
Where I reside is at the top of the compass (North)
Vocally, I hit different nuances,
You talking nonsense
Chant the incantation like a witch doctor
My bloodline’s brown like a mudslide
My corpse turn to butterflies Family man, slash pimp, live double lives
These are troubling times, nigga

[Lyrics to Avalon by Willie The Kid (Feat. Bronze Nazareth & Roc Marciano)]

Thanks to Chris L. for correcting Roc’s part.

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