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Willis Earl Beal - Traveling Eyes Lyrics

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Willis Earl Beal – Traveling Eyes Lyrics

We go racing to and fro’
Back & forth we blow down hallways of time
The glow is coming from the north
While our 3rd & 4th screams chime in rhyme
When I detect the moonlight way
Parting fog down by the bay
I feel okay

Slow and easy they shall bathe
On the out-skirts of the maze under magic rays
The apprehension of the noon
Has given way and swayed buffoons to the evening’s kiss
Far from the fury of before

Much too weary to ignore I reminisce
There is no line except the curve
We will find the needed nerve to lose our breath
They’ll resign the use of words
And cease their dining from the herds that are left

But until then we’ll be the Zen
Our sleepy lenses to descend to silly moods
I don’t need to make amends
It will defend me when it’s windy and I’m nude

The reflected blueness on the sea
Reflects the truth of you & me
No voice can tell… no no
To be subdued by cooing breeze
And hear the rustling of the leaves is just, just as well
A reunion lost and long

All rights reserved, reversed the wrongs so old & new
We’re back before we can begin
For you my love I don’t intend to pursue
Despite our choices or decisions
Traveling Eyes won’t lose their vision

[Lyrics to Traveling Eyes by Willis Earl Beal]

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