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Win Two Concert Tickets for your Favorite Musician!


Win two concert tickets from your favorite musician/band in your favorite city, on whatever date!

This contest is all about the power of friendship! You need your friends for this one 🙂

Win Two Concert Tickets for your Favorite Musician – that is of course, NOT that well known (for example, a musician with videos that has less than 500.000 views on Youtube)

How you ask? well, this is pretty easy!

All you have to do is to invite your Facebook friends to come on this page, posting on their wall. We made it easy, so all you have to do is click connect with Facebook (you just connect, we do NOT have access to any of your information, all is done by Facebook)
and start clicking your friends in order to invite them.

When you reach the minimum of friends, you will unveil a secret message. Do what it is written in the secret message and make sure you win!

Good luck!

[fb_wpress_inviter link=”” nb_invites=”50″] Congrats! You’ve done it! The secret code is “GRAND OPENING”
Now all you have to do is to get the most likes. Don’t worry, since you got this far, you’ll probably win!
Post this message (or something like this, just make sure you include the link) to your Facebook timeline:
“Help me win two tickets to my favorite concert. Hit the like button!

Play 'Win Two Concert Tickets for your Favorite Musician!'

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