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Win whatever Music CD you want!

So we have our first contest from many more to come!
In the first contest, you will win whatever original music CD you will want! We will buy it for you via Amazon whishlist, and send it to you for free!
All you have to do is invite your friends to join this contest. There is NO limit to the number of the prizes, so there’s no need to be greedy!
This will help your favorite artist to be promoted, as the artists that are requested will be featured on the front page.

Connect with Facebook (we do NOT store any of your data, all is done by Facebook)
After you invite 50 of your friends, the secret code will be unlocked. Copy the code and send it to us using the feedback form, and the prize is yours!
(a code can be used one time, by one person.)

We thank you. Keep up the good music rocking!
With love, UnpopularLyrics team.

[fb_wpress_inviter link=”” nb_invites=”50″] Ok, ok, you made it! The secret code is: ‘Unpop-Rocks (for real)’
Play 'Win whatever Music CD you want!'

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