Wolf Alice - Giant Peach Lyrics

Wolf Alice – Giant Peach Lyrics

I got change in a pocket somewhere, got my letter in a box
Tired of waiting for the bus to nowhere, tired of chasing the stone fox
I don’t tell lies no more, you know, I just don’t tell the truth
I don’t know what I’m looking for, you know, but I’m not looking for proof.

I have a tricky love affair, you know, with the place where I grew up
But gods knows I’ll never leave, you know, I never left here much
I hate to see you despair oh, don’t you do it, I hate to see through one
But God knows I can hardly grieve when it’s hard to give a…
Hard to give a… (wow!)

What keeps me here? It’s not the boy who gives funny feels
Don’t know what keeps me here, it’s not to be to pay for the wheel
What the hell keeps me here? In a dark hotel, another door
the rules don’t seem so clear, and changing feels like fear and so you know

I’m dark and pretty down
I’m dark and pretty down
I’m dark and pretty down
I’m dark and pretty down
My dark is pretty down

[Lyrics to Giant Peach by Wolf Alice]

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Thanks to SB for the corrections.

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Wolf Alice - Giant Peach Lyrics

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